Sometime we don’t have time to get on the internet and sometime it is down!!!

You can put any of the Calendars from this website into a MS Word document and save it to a folder in your Documents on your computer.
If you have Microsoft Word, you can copy the whole calendar and paste it into Word.
Before or after you paste it into the Word Document, change the Orientation from Portrait to Landscape.
 Then you can Insert a Heading — if you want — for the Month & Year.
You can change it into a PDF format by the Save As to PDF.
And you have it.   
The links are carried into both the Word and the PDF documents. 
If your internet is available, you can pull up the info for the event on the calendar right from the document.
By placing your cursor over the entry of the day in your document, the link pops up and tells you to hit the  “ctrl”  key at the same time you press the right click on the mouse…  (most times I have to try it a time or 2 to get the sequence right)