Minister’s Message

National Minister’s Message – Formation Visioning Workshop

“The Vision of God for the OFS” – an image inspired by the Holy Spirit, painted by Pat Serotkin OFS at the recent Formation Visioning Workshop

The journey of transformative visioning has begun – a journey that will test our readiness to authentically live the Franciscan life. Our experience at the recent Formation Visioning Workshop awakened our souls. We must now allow God to work this great change in us.

Through a dedicated page on our website we are making available to everyone the materials from this gathering. Those who were present need to enlighten others and share what was experienced. The vision given to Francis and Clare can unfold once again in our time.

Guide us, O Lord, by your Spirit’s transforming power, that we may come to be, as Francis was, formed into a more precise embodiment of the likeness of Christ. Amen.

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June 2018 Minister’s Message — Our Jubilee Begins!

Jan Parker’s newest Minister’s Message marks the 40th anniversary of the OFS Rule of 1978 (June 24th) as well as the Jubilee Year declared by CIOFS to celebrate this important milestone. The message poses two important questions: “What does the 40th Anniversary of the Rule mean for us, if not to live more fully who we are called to be?” and “How are we to do this?”

Jan offers a wealth of resources to help us accomplish what these questions encourage us to do and she suggests a patron saint for our Jubilee year — one that perhaps may surprise you.


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May 2018 Minister’s Message – National Fraternity Elective Chapter

With the June 13th deadline for making nominations fast approaching, Jan Parker’s newest Minister’s Message reviews the key elements involved in National Fraternity Elective Chapters (the next of which takes place this coming October). These include:

  • What are the essential aspects of a Chapter?
  • What is the significance of an Elective Chapter?
  • What positions are being elected?
  • What are the qualifications for servant leaders?
  • Who can make a nomination?

The full article is now available on the website. Here’s an excerpt:

CIOFS adds that an elective chapter, at any level, is celebrated to: (1) reflect together on the situation of the Fraternity, (2) decide what should be done for the life and mission of the Order, (3) invoke the help of the Holy Spirit so that He may purify the hearts, enlighten the minds and make those present docile to His motions at such an important time for the life of the Fraternity, and (4) choose and vote for the responsible people to guide and animate the Fraternity.


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May 2018 Minister’s Message – Prepare for Pentecost!

Jan Parker has written a wonderful meditation to help us get ready for Pentecost and it’s now available on the website. Here’s an excerpt:

What happens when we pray, “Come, Holy Spirit?”  Nothing – unless our hearts are worthy to receive!  St Cyril of Jerusalem said, “Like a dry tree which puts forth shoots when watered, the soul bears the fruits of holiness when repentance has made it worthy of receiving the Holy Spirit.”  Yes, the Holy Spirit is necessary to produce the fruits, but repentance is necessary to receive the Holy Spirit!  What does this mean for Franciscans?  In a word – conversion!


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