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Minister’s Letter with Letter from Minister General – Coronavirus

We have just received a letter from our Minister General regarding the Coronavirus (attached, in both English and Spanish).  Please read it and distribute widely.  We will also share this letter via our website.   I am thankful for Tibor's approach which calls us to both prayer and action, and sets the proper tone for us as Secular Franciscans facing these unusual times.

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National Minister’s Message – TAU-USA Summer/Fall 2019

No matter what method we use to help us get things done, there are times in life when we are stopped dead in our tracks. It may be loss, conflict or confusion, but when something big lands right in our path, we are often stopped short. ... Purity of heart sets us free. St. Francis calls us to this freedom, to “put aside every care and anxiety, to serve, love, honor and adore the Lord God with a clean heart and a pure mind."

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