New website feature: Interactive map of local fraternities

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Early this year, Jan Parker, our National Minister, asked Regional Ministers to provide basic information about our local fraternities gathering dates and locations so we could map them on the OFS USA website ( At long last, we have a visual tool showing every Local Fraternity on a map!

The beauty of this achievement is one need only to enter a City/State and the map will pinpoint close by fraternities.  Contact information for each region is listed. This information will need to be updated periodically, but it is a terrific start.

Thanks to the Regional Ministers (or delegates) for providing the information and Lee Potts for putting together the mapping tool.

We’ll be posting the announcement on the website, Facebook and Twitter … so feel free to help us spread the word.

Test it out and let us know what you think.

May God’s blessings be upon you,

National Secretary
on behalf of the National Executive Council.

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Website committee looking for help

Hello everyone,

The national website committee is looking for help with things like moving content from the old site to the new site, site maintenance, and providing live posting and updating support at various national events. Although any help would be welcome, it will be particularly useful if you have experienced with WordPress (especially self-hosted). It would be a real bonus if you were also familiar with:

  • The Avada WordPress theme
  • Fusion Page Builder
  • Basic HTML and CSS

If you are interested in helping out, please send me an email at with a rough idea of how much time you might be able to give to the project as well as an brief description of your experience.

Thank you so much for considering sharing your time and talent with the Order.

Pax et bonum,

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New Web Site Page: Sources for Secular Franciscan Books and Supplies

A new page was added to the Secular Franciscan USA web site today. It gathers together information about sources for many of the books and supplies Secular Franciscans and OFS fraternities often need. This includes the “Little Red Rule Book” as well as the FUN Manual. A link to the page  has been added to the Resources menu at the top of every page on the site. You can also follow this link:

Sources for Secular Franciscan Books and Supplies

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The new Secular Franciscan USA website is now online!

We’re pleased and excited to announce that our new national website is now online and ready for visitors. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this possible with their prayers and hard work.

One small caveat: Every newly launched website is a work in progress. We are still in the process of moving the vast collection of material stored on the old website over to the new one. If you can’t find something that you are looking for, you should be able to find it at the old site as no content has been removed from it. If there is something that you feel should be made a priority in the moving process, please let us know using the contact form. We will also continue to tweak the overall layout and functioning of the site once we get a chance to see it in action.

If you are the administrator of a Franciscan website, please be sure update your link to our site to:

Pax et bonum!

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