Formation Resource Kit

Formation Resource Kit2020-03-10T13:43:23-04:00

This resource kit is provided as a sample courtesy of Franciscans of the Prairie Region.

  • Secular Franciscans O.F.S. (Word, PDF)

Coming soon…

  • A-Francis
  • B-Clare
  • C-Friars
  • E-Eclectic
  • F-Eclectic
  • G-Tau and Eclectic
  • I-Eclectic
  • N-Eclectic
  • A Guide for Rite of Admission Request Letter (Word, PDF)
  • Acceptance Letter for Rite of Admission (Word, PDF)
  • Rite of Admission Form (Word, PDF)
  • Rite of Admission Intercessions (Word, PDF)
  • Rite of Admission Outline (Word, PDF)