Map Test

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  • If your web browser has permission to access your location, the map below will be centered on where you are. This location will be shown with a black marker with a large yellow dot as shown to the right.
  • You can also center the map on any location in the world by typing it into the white Google search box centered at the top of the map. This can be almost anything, a specific street address, a town, a city, a state. Unfortunately, ZIP codes will not work.
  • Once the map is centered on the location you are interested in, you can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel or the plus or minus signs on the left of the map. You can move the map my clicking and dragging. It works just like any other Google map.
  • Local fraternities are indicated by markers that look like the purple one to the right. They are color coded by region.
  • Click on any marker to find the name of the fraternity, the exact street address of where it meets, and the region it belongs to.
  • If you find a fraternity that you think you would like to visit, note its name and the name of it’s region. You can then consult the list of regions below the map to learn who to contact in regards to that fraternity.
  • Let the regional contact know the specific fraternity (or fraternities) you are interested in and you will be given additional, specific information such as when they gather and who you can contact in the local fraternity.