Minister’s Message – “Chosen for Each Other”

(This article originally appeared in the Summer 2021 Issue #103 of the TAU-USA)

By Jan Parker, OFS

Enjoying some homemade chicken soup at Jake and Megan’s after surgery.

When Mike and Michelle moved in across the street two years ago, I welcomed them to the neighborhood. Since then, we take time to chat when we see each other outside. Last fall, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I let my neighbors know that I would be away a few weeks, as I would be recovering from surgery at my son’s house. Mike and Michelle immediately wanted to know what they could do to help me. I asked if they could keep an eye on the house and water my plants. Michelle quickly replied, “We’d be happy to do that. Please let us know if there’s anything else, ok?”

Shortly after I returned home, Mike and Michelle walked over to say hello and see how I was doing. I shared that things were going well, but I had started chemotherapy and was tired much of the time. They again assured me that if I needed anything, they were there for me. Michelle said, “Jan, even if you just need a drink of water and you are too tired to get up, just call me, ok?” Then Mike, who has always struck me as more reserved, warmly added, “We’re supposed to love our neighbor, so let us do that.” To this day, their words remain in my heart. Those Gospel words spoke to me.  Read More . . .

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