Smoky Valley Printing

Most of the important Secular Franciscan Books, manuals, and documents (including the Little Red Rule Book) are available via mail/phone order from Smoky Valley Printing. There is a product list and order form (duplicated below) on the back page of almost every issue of the Tau-USA Newsletter. If you would like to view or print the order form, you can download a PDF by clicking this link.

IQ Fast Print

For Up to Now, the national formation manual (also known as The FUN Manual), can be purchased from IQ Fast Print at  The package includes an unbound, three-hole punched book and a CD. It is available in English or Spanish. Please allow 5-6 days for delivery.

Tau Publishing

Tau Publishing offers many products of interest to Secular Franciscans including books, Crown Rosaries, CDs and DVDs. This is also the source for: